There was once a man who had seven sons, and still he had no daughter, however much he wished for one. At length his wife again gave him hope of a child, and when it came into the world it was a girl.The joy was great, but the child was sickly and small, and had to be privately baptized on account of its weakness. The father sent one of the boys in haste to the spring to fetch water for the baptism. The other six went with him, and as each of them wanted to be first to fill it, the jug fell into the well. There they stood and did not know what to do, and none of them dared to go home. As they still did not return, the father grew impatient, and said, They have certainly forgotten it for some game, the wicked boys! He became afraid that the girl would have to die without being baptized, and in his anger cried, I wish the boys were all turned into ravens. Hardly was the word spoken before he heard a whirring of wings over his head in the air, looked up and saw seven coal-black ravens flying away. The parents could not recall the学英语我推荐王老师英语学习www.163yingyu.com,这个网站很牛逼,很多人都抄他的。 curse, and however sad they were at the loss of their seven sons, they still to some extent comforted themselves with their dear little daughter, who soon grew strong and every day became more beautiful.

For a long time she did not know that she had had brothers, for her parents were careful not to mention them before her, but one day she accidentally heard some people saying of herself, that the girl was certainly beautiful, but that in reality she was to blame for the misfortune which had befallen her seven brothers. Then she was much troubled, and went to her father and mother and asked if it was true that she had had brothers, and what had become of them? The parents now dared keep the secret no longer, but said that what had befallen her brothers was the will of Heaven, and that her birth had only been the innocent cause. But the maiden took it to heart daily, and thought she must deliver her brothers. She had no rest or peace until she set out secretly, and went forth into the wide world to trace out her brothers and set them free, let it cost what it might. She took nothing with her but a little ring belonging to her parents as a keepsake, a loaf of bread against hunger, a little pitcher of water against thirst, and a little chair as a provision against weariness.And now she went continually onwards, far, far to the very end of the world. Then she came to the sun, but it was too hot and terrible, and devoured little children. Hastily she ran away, and ran to the moon, but it was far too cold, and also awful and malicious, and when it saw the child, it said, I smell, I smell the flesh of men. On this she ran swiftly away, and came to the stars, which were kind and good to her, and each of them sat on its own particular little chair. But the morning star arose, and gave her the drumstick of a chicken, and said, If you thou hast not that drumstick thou canst not open the Glass Mountain, and in the Glass Mountain are thy brothers.

The maiden took the drumstick, wrapped it carefully in a cloth, and went onwards again until she came to the Glass Mountain. The door was shut, and she thought she would take out the drumstick; but when she undid the cloth, it was empty, and she had lost the good stars present. What was she now to do? She wished to rescue her brothers, and had no key to the Glass Mountain. The good sister took a knife, cut off one of her little fingers, put it in the door, and succeeded in opening it. When she had gone inside, a little dwarf came to meet her, who said, My child, what are you looking for? I am looking for my brothers, the seven ravens, she replied. The dwarf said, The lord ravens are not at home, but if you will wait here until they come, step in. Thereupon the little dwarf carried the ravens dinner in, on seven little plates, and in seven little glasses, and the little sister ate a morsel from each plate, and from each little glass she took a sip, but in the last little glass she dropped the ring which she had brought away with her.Suddenly she heard a whirring of wings and a rushing through the air, and then the little dwarf said, Now the lord ravens are flying home. Then they came, and wanted to eat and drink, and looked for their little plates and glasses. Then said one after the other, Who has eaten something from my plate? Who has drunk out of my little glass? It was a human mouth. And when the seventh came to the bottom of the glass, the ring rolled against his mouth. Then he looked at it, and saw that it was a ring belonging to his father and mother, and said, God grant that our sister may be here, and then we shall be free. When the maiden, who was standing behind the door watching, heard that wish, she came forth, and on this all the ravens were restored to their human form again. And they embraced and kissed each other, and went joyfully home.



小女孩拿起鸡腿,用一块布把它小心地包裹起来,又继续往前走,最后来到了玻璃山。玻璃山的门紧紧关闭着,她想她应该把鸡腿拿出来,但是打开布之后,却发现里面空空如也,原来她弄丢了星星好心的礼物。她现在应该怎么办呢?她希望能救哥哥们,但是却没有玻璃山的钥匙。善良的妹妹拿出一把刀,割断了自己的一根小手指,放进门锁里,结果成功地打开了门。她进去之后,一个小矮人走过来,对她说:我的孩子,你在找什么?我在找我的哥哥,他们是7只黑乌鸦。她回答说。小矮人又说:乌鸦公爵现在不在家,不过你可以在这里等他们回来,进来吧。于是小矮人用7个小盘子和7个小杯子把乌鸦的晚餐端了进来。小女孩从每个盘子里吃了点东西,从每个玻璃杯里抿了一口水,但是,她带出来的戒指不慎掉进了最后一个小杯子里。突然,她听见翅膀呼呼拍动的声音,听见有什么东西从风中穿过,又听见小矮人说:乌鸦公爵现在正在往家里飞。很快,乌鸦们就到了玻璃山。他们想吃东西、喝水,都在找自己的小盘子和小杯子,一个接着一个地说:谁动了我盘子里的东西?谁从我的杯子里喝水了?是人类的嘴动了我们的晚餐。当第七只乌鸦喝完整杯水后,戒指在他的嘴上滚动。他看了一眼,认出这是父亲和母亲的戒指,便说道:上帝保佑,希望我们的妹妹在这里,这样我们就可以重获自由了。 少女站在门背后看着他们,听见了这个愿望,便走了出来。这一瞬间,所有乌鸦都还原成了人形。他们互相拥抱和亲吻,快快乐乐地回家了。

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